Countryside Walks With Piet Haag

by Piet Haag

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Countryside Walks With Piet Haag is the exciting new Piet Haag debut album. As the rarely intelligible Haag puts it: "value for money was top of the agenda, and at only £4.13 or just £0.59 per track, we're really trying to get in amongst the competition. If you look at Asda or any of the major supermarkets, thats less than the price of a full breakfast".

Its unusual to hear an artist admit that the songs were secondary, but Piet has fans wellbeing at heart. By skimping on quality recording, keeping writing time to a minimum and not using too many chords he's kept the cost down. "Major labels and indies forget that music lovers need to eat and party, so we've tried to get the balance right. There's only one filler, and the rest are rubbish"

Seven songs of sorrow, despair, misery, horror, sadness, depression, hunger, resignation, resentment, indignation, bitterness, anger, rejection, recrimination, poverty, doubt, fear, reluctance, grief, petulance, and vanity, mixed with the unquenchable human spirit for discovery. Its a compelling brew, and as Piet's friends and family have said, "yeah, sure, we like it".

There has never been a better time to discover new independent acts like Piet Haag, so why not go without breakfast and download the new debut album now?


released August 25, 2011

Piet Haag - vocals, keyboards, tuned percussion
Robin Adams - guitar, bass
Jamie Duffin - drums
Ross Moran - additional guitar
Mervyn Adams - additional guitar, backing vocals, noises
Kat McCarron - backing vocals
Pauline Adams - backing vocals
Alastair Savage - strings, fiddle
Steve Hawkes - trumpet, flugelhorn

Kit Adams - production, engineering
Duke Yowie - cover art

Thanks to everyone at Pie In The Sky Inflatable Budgies for the support.


all rights reserved



Piet Haag Glasgow, UK

Widely regarded as "useless" and "not much good" Piet Haag stormed onto the Pollokshields music scene with his unyielding electro-acoustic interpretation of retail therapy. Even two years later "Instructions for Shopping" serves as a template for sonic gender reversal, allowing women to experience the male perspective on shopping. Like a flambe tomato mixed with Bailey's Irish Cream, its rare ins ... more

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Track Name: Sign Me Up To Chemikal Underground
Sign me up, sign me up
Sign me up to Chemikal Underground Records
Underground Records

I might slightly balding
I might be slightly fat
My lyrics might be rubbish
and my music might be crap 
But still each day 
I Kneel, I pray
I hope to hear the words you say
Sign here
On the dotted line
Sign here 
It'll all be fine
We won't let EMI
Get their hands on you 
Act now
For this offer will expire
Together we can save the world

The world

Oh God and Jesus
Please sign me up
For my life is shit
Track Name: There Is Nothing Like A Nice Anthemic Ballad
Well it starts with an acoustic guitar
As you wake up to the sound 
Of music from afar
And your head feels like
A bucket full of glass
When you wake up lying 
Face down in the grass 
And it hurts

And the buzz that rises round you 
Like the waters of the tay 
Is the flies around the sewage 
That wouldnae flush away
from the portaloo 
you blocked up with your spew
Heard your girlfriend shout
Just as you're passing out
You are dumped
Ya bam

There is nothing like a nice anthemic ballad
We can sing
When you've consumed so much lager
That the words don't mean a thing
We're anesthetised
We're completely fried  

Well you went to hear the music
But someone stole your bling
Got lost on the campsite
And never heard a thing
Found your girlfriend blowin'
Your best mate in his tent
And she's no just dumped you
She's spent all of the rent

And it ends with the sound of your car
Axle deep in cowshit
You won't be going far
And your head feels like
A bucket full of glass
When you wake up lying 
Face down in the grass 
And it hurts
Track Name: South By South West Not
So you're going to south by south west
Been invited 'cos you're the finest
North west Dunbartonshire has got to offer
The looks, the chat, the boots, the specs, the hat, 
The hair, the teeth, the self belief,
The attitude, you've got just what it takes

But beware 
the funders have a place 
A cellar down below their base
They'll hang you upside from your toes
stick sharpened pencils up your nose
Attach electrodes to your bawz
If you don't come back with a deal
Their wrath you're gonna feel
Gonna make you....

Like a Londoner
They're gonna make you sing sing like a Londoner etc..

So you've been to south by south west
You did your best, you played your finest
But only fourteen people came to see 
You broke the bank, your hotel stank
You flew a half way round the world, for what
You didn't even get a decent sun tan

repeat stuff
Track Name: My Song Has Only Got One Chord
My song has only got one chord
only got one chord
one chord

My song has only got 
only got one chord
one just one 

If thats not enough
If you're bored
If you need more chords
We can add some more 
We can add some more

My song has got a second verse 
Its got a second verse
I'm only kidding you

Chorus, chorus, chorus
Track Name: You're Not New
You're not new, you're not new
You're not new so you must be old
Track Name: Piet haag - The Tinnitus Song
Well it started when you were just twenty three
Still so young and still so free
It was a quiet insistent high pitched tone
You only ever heard when you were alone
In quiet spaces, quiet places

So you saw a consultant and he did say
It never goes, it's hear to stay 
Avoid loud noise as you get old
Now get to fuck 'cos you've been told
Get out 
There is no cure
Track Name: I Love Your Blog
I love your blog
It is the best thing on the web
Told all my friends
They should subscribe
Lots of them did 
Now they love you 
They really do
They really do

I love your words
Like morning sunlight on the dew
In Pollok Park, after a tab
Or maybe two
The things we'd do
Just me and you 
And everyone 
Cos they all love you
They really do
We really do

And if I sung like Twin Atlantic
Would you think I was fantastic
If I add a glockenspiel
Would that maybe seal the deal

Sent you a track
But you never emailed back
Now my heart is broke and empty
Just like my inbox filled with spam
And useless junk
Four one one scams
Hot Russian birds and their webcams
And your blog turns up each week
But I have never heard a peek.